Contents - SS to HMS


Foreword  by  SS Toone


Incidents Index



Part I

Training & Naval Barracks





HMS Ganges


HMS Valkyrie, Isle of Man


HMS Drake, Devonport


HMS Victory & HMS Mercury


Radar Training at Rugby


RMS Orion to South Africa






Part II

HMS Express





HMS Express & Force 'Z''


Convoy Duty


Durban, South Africa


Sierra Leone


First Time at Sea


Home to Liverpool


Cape Town, South Africa


HMCS Gatineau






Part III

HMS Eastway


RMS Queen Mary


The Mediterranean


New York & Asbury Park


The Clyde


Leave with the Levines




USS Battleaxe/ HMS Eastway


Lieutenant Brown


Ships Company & Fitting Out


Normandy Invasion


Final Goodbyes


South France Invasion


Convoy to England




Sea Trials in Scotland




Part IV



HMS Collingwood








HMS Express

HMS Eastway



The Author: Sid Toone

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